Once you’re in,
you’re part of the family…

When you work with us, you become “family”, and every team member works together to make you the hero — that’s our top priority. Once you experience our extraordinary personal commitment firsthand, you’ll always want to work this way.

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It’s your success, and
that’s personal to us.

When you succeed, we succeed. And we like it that way. In an industry that can often be impersonal and profit-centric, we pride ourselves on being wonderfully atypical… with our genuine belief that focusing on personal relationships and top-notch service is simply the only way to do business.

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We’re selective – our clients can rely on it.

We earned a reputation for producing the very best events; to protect it, we seek out the most skilled and incredibly talented team members who share our passion for building lasting partnerships, always willing to put the customer first and give their personal attention to deliver top-notch results.

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Over the years, our recruiting practice has yielded

undeniably positive results.

Beginning with your first event, you will recognize it’s more a philosophy that sets us apart… it’s our talented team.

Get to know our family



A former drummer and audio engineer, Gary is a native of Conyers, GA, and patriarch of the Live Event Solutions’ family — literally. As CEO (and Creative A/V Experience wizard), he brings over two decades of hands-on experience accumulated producing countless events all over the country. Gary is a dedicated family man and company man, and proud to lead “the most talented people in the industry.”



Jennifer is our COO; a former history teacher turned event extraordinaire, her twenty-year history in event planning and management has helped our company evolve to become the strategic business partner we are today. When she’s not coordinating staff and resources for events, she loves traveling and cheering for the Atlanta Falcons. For Jenn, the best part about her work is “great relationships… hands down!”



In 2011, Julie decided she wanted to be part of an enthusiastic team and growing industry, so she joined the Live Event Solutions team to manage finances. Today she is our CFO; and when she’s not “rocking the accounting books,” Julie enjoys working with “a very talented work family”, but she likes traveling and spending time with her [own] family too.



Jeremy is an industry veteran with a formal education in audio, video, lighting, IT, and management, and a Covington, GA, native. So, when he found our growing production company with our family culture, right in his back yard, he offered to leverage his years of hands-on, real-world expertise as our Sales/Project Manager. An enthusiastic, and obviously proud father of two girls, Jeremy is also an avid collaborator, who enjoys creative partners.


Video Engineer

Wesley is our Video Engineer, and “The Man Behind the Curtain” at show time. A creative guy at heart, he loves design work as well as being part of the problem-solving process, often required in this type of work. He hails from Georgia, and has been part of our family for three years, and has “never once felt like just an employee.”

Gary Sr.

Fabrication Manager

When Gary Jr. decided to launch Live Event Solutions, Gary Sr. knew that after years as a manager in the automotive industry, he did not want to miss a chance to work along side his son. So, on opening day, he was there to help grow the business. Today, Gary Sr. uses his diverse experience and skills to help in almost every aspect of the business; solving problems, and contributing ideas. He enjoys traveling, but working with Gary Jr. is his greatest reward.


Warehouse Manager

All the way from Wellington, New Zealand, Stephen studied Audio Engineering at SAE Auckland, and then gained a decade of experience in the events industry before joining our team as a Warehouse Manager and Flex Guru. There’s nobody better qualified to ensure our crew has the best equipment for every event. Stephen will tell you he enjoys "working with an awesome team and great clients”, and we’ll be the first to tell you we're glad to have him as part of our family.


Director of Multimedia Content

Michael expanded his A/V production career after graduating Cum Laude from Georgia State University with a degree in Film and Video. Today, Michael has more than ten years of combined production and post-production experience. Known for his versatility in live event settings and marketing environments, he is can assume a variety of roles, and knows well the industry technologies and equipment. When he isn’t behind the scenes, Michael is an avid runner, sports fan, and proud Eagle Scout.

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It's not a marketing cliché – as our client, you are the most important member of our team. We never forget it, which is why we work so hard to get you the recognition for your company’s exceptional corporate event. The best measure of our success is yours.

You can't fail,
we won't let you.

Don’t worry that we’re having fun,
we always have your back.

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“Thank you so much for all of your assistance! We love working with Live Event Solutions and the team. You guys are wonderful.”

“As always, you guys were awesome to work with. Cheers to MANY future events.”

“The performance went off perfectly. I’ve never seen a better run show, and no doubt it was the most complicated and sophisticated. Thank you all for doing such an amazing job.”

"Our clients expect an exceptional experience. As a valuable partner, I expect nothing less from the team at Live Event Solutions, and they deliver.”