Blowing it out, without blowing the budget

A simple secret to getting the most out of your budget

It takes a savvy business person and shrewd negotiator to be a successful corporate event planner, so to get the best price from a production company you don’t reveal your budget, right? Wait, hold up… keeping your real budget a secret does not put you in a better negotiating position, and is not the smart way to get the best event possible at the lowest cost.

Along with knowing all of the information about your event — goals and expectations, requirements, location, and other details, sharing your budget upfront is the only way we can avoid potentially designing an event experience that’s not practical or doesn’t fully optimize your investment.

You wouldn’t expect a builder to design your home and quote construction without telling them your budget, would you? Knowing all of your requirements and budget up front minimizes guesswork and allows us to create the best possible outcome. Having all of this information might mean we can design a strategic plan to upgrade your overall experience and/or provide additional support during your event.

If you can’t trust your production company to propose the best possible solution knowing ALL of your information, then you need Live Event Solutions. For our clients, we’re more than a vendor, we’re a trusted business partner.

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